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About Us

Business Model:

NASCENT APPLIED METHODS & ENDEAVORS’s technology is able to deliver an order of magnitude improvement over other commercially available products and services.  This dramatic increase represents a significant breakthrough in the design, development and implementation of enhanced artificial intelligence programs and services.  One of the main practical applications for NASCENT APPLIED METHODS & ENDEAVORS’s technologies is that of e-commerce shopping portals.  By using its technologically advanced methods, the Network can establish highly functional and well-trafficked comparison-shopping sites that are search-engine-optimized to quickly and inexpensively reach consumers via all the major search engines.



Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors (NAME) under the A-Square Technology Group is a California-based company and network providing Electronic Commerce Applications (ECA), Enterprise Work Architectures (Business Models) and Autonomous Knowledge Worker Systems (KWS) as a means of combating the economic effects of Global Terrorism, Diseases (Pandemics) or Nature through the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Artificial Life Programming (Avatars) Technologies by way of a world-wide collaborative networking strategy. NAME intends to capitalize on the opportunities in this area by being the first corporation to introduce a collaborative internet-based operating system using high-concept theories such as genetic algorithms, biological suffix trees, and a host of other information-retrieval or monetary strategies in relation to artificial life (avatar) or virtual economic scenario programming involving global joint research & development through the use of the molecular sciences.

Business Summary:  

Outreach and Consultations

Outreach:  In addition to promoting, and facilitating automated business practice initiatives within industry, government, and academia, NASCENT APPLIED METHODS & ENDEAVORS can:

  • Provide demonstrations of electronic commerce, enterprise work architectures, and related technologies.

  • Perform studies and analyses to identify how electronic commerce and information management can improve both performance and profits.

  • Conduct a business case analysis of a customer organization to determine the functional and economic impact of implementing EC technologies.

  • Assemble a team of business and technical specialists to address a customer’s situation in depth.

  • Assist the customer in developing prototype solutions using ABP and business process re-engineering.


Consultation:  NASCENT APPLIED METHODS & ENDEAVORS offers help in the technical areas concerning automated business practices. Such areas include:

  • The use of online and network data sources to support clients.

  • Database tools for the collection and analysis of lessons from previous consultations with people and businesses across various industries.

  • Helping customers focus on important hardware and software features to assists in making “smart” purchasing decisions.

  • Hands-on experience with ABP through evaluating and incorporating them into NASCENT APPLIED METHODS & ENDEAVORS’s business operations.

  • EDI, EWA and ALP software, hardware, and implementation.

  • Database design and implementation.

  • Electronic document management.

  • Local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).

  • Multimedia Social Networking.

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