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Distinguished Members of Society and Government,


We are representatives of a new and innovative global business model that utilizes genetic and molecular sciences as a means of converting words, concepts or ideas into search engine and new global markets. The format in and of itself shall facilitate the firms of patent or copyright attorneys with the ability to acquire over 3,927 additional revenue streams as depicted at, while also protecting the propriety rights of their clients both previous and current, as their material or new inventions are expressed through Internet technology bases.


Foremost, since all 11,465 (i.e., business models or revenue streams as a structural template or direct copy of the NAME business model itself is capable of directly generating 847 new jobs each or 9,710,855 systems-wide, our global approaches through the genetic & molecular application of operational technologies within the world-wide-web shall in-directly produce in this immediate era approximately 48,554,275 new sources of employment as a whole. Viewing the current global economic state of things here in America and elsewhere, we at Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors and the A-Square Technology Group feel that the 35 plus yr. R&D project at our disposal might be of interest to you or any interested parties concerned.


William E. Fields


Please see, Press Release and R&D Joint Venturing


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