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December 18, 2007



The Simon Wiesenthal Center

1399 South Roxbury Drive

Los Angeles, Ca. 90035




Dear Rabbi Marvin Hier,


My name is William E. Fields, the current Owner & General Contractor of Network Operations (GNCO) for the start-ups Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors and the A-Square Technology Group. Based upon the growing consensus in my entrepreneurial studies within the field of Employment Related Educational Research & Development, an internet-based operating system & integrated autonomous office application that involves using human genetics to develop evolving novel organizational forms. I believe that the strategic operational business model & tactical marketing plan for Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors, and its supporting documentation, may be of interest to you, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Jewish community as a whole. In that it provides a means of establishing 11,664 strategic & tactical operations that hinder the activities or effects of web-based anti-Semitism on a global scale through internet technology bases. This platform through the tenets of traditional & modern Judaism, Christianity and Islam also establishes a means of interjecting approximately $845M behind each & every strategy or tactic utilized in this effort, so as to overwhelm any person (terrorist), place (terrorist state) or thing (terrorist website) that engages in any racist or murderous intent toward civilized Jewry as a whole.


Hopefully, through the assistance or divine guidance of you or your organization, NAME will become the leader in the production of patentable strategic & tactical information technologies. My mission is to provide new autonomous e-commerce solutions within the marketplace of the growing global information economies, based in part upon the production & distribution of patentable business model technologies. I have targeted the Internet market for my products and services because of the very nature of NAME’s business operations. Where I differ from previously established internet-based operations or competitors, if any, are my approaches toward developing & implementing computer generated Distributed Abstract Lifeform Programs (DALP) and Enterprise Work Architectures (EWA), whose definitive roots stem from orthodox religious scriptures. I will also build a strong management team and Board of Network Representatives, including myself as a significant Proprietor & General Contractor of Network Operations. I must add sir, that I hope that upon your, or your associate’s review of the overall intent of the business plan & financial data enclosed, that the information conveyed within these documents sincerely convinces you that the platforms mentioned are representative of the entire financial picture referred to within financial datasheets themselves. Overall, through the application of California’s Seller Assisted Marketing Plan Laws and my research technologies, the financial information mentioned is more than valid to say the least. But, only through the assistance of the Jewish, Christian & Islamic communities. I have provided proof with this letter in the form of a CD/DVD data disk, and will gladly provide any additional proper documentation or physical support upon your request. 


Thank you for your time and consideration or potential interest in my request on behalf of NAME & the A-Square Technology Group. If you complete your review and would like to discuss matters further, please contact me at your earliest convenience.







William E. Fields

Entrepreneur & General Contractor of Network Operations





Enclosures: PR, ES and FD (Press Release, Executive Summary and Financial Data)

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