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To Whom It Might Concern:

We have drafted the following summary for finalizing the development and legal or contractual definition of the proposed NAME Global R&D Joint Venture. We hope that this will clarify the particulars of the most cost-effective means of obtaining our monetary goals as they pertain to our personal or social objectives.


Let us begin with, "What is the general nature of the NAME Global R&D Joint Venture in a nutshell as it relates to the current proposal?" The NAME Global R&D Joint Venture is a world-wide distant learning environment platform used to deliver and support 11,465 monetarily strategic and tactical academic consultative business models whose internal deliverables are supported by the network through approximately 3,925 focal points of global innovation. Each business model released and supported by the network has the given potential to generate over $3.2B within a period of 5 years, as well as producing 847 new jobs, as these jobs are related to marketing their services toward those potential clients listed @ World Companies | World-Wide Company Directory, environmental tourism and other e-issues. (45 Million Businesses World-Wide divided by 3,925 high-tech focal points, equals approximately 11,465 Business Services Models


"What is the basic premise of our global innovations embedded within the services of our distant learning environment as they are resold through the 11,465 business models?" As in accordance with American Patent Laws (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), our technology uses molecular and genetic elements as a means of personalizing Internet content. While simultaneously transforming words, concepts and ideas into cutting-edge high-tech business models, also defined as systems and software engineering practices. This will cause all copyrighted and/or patented materials within the U.S. and abroad to re-file or upgrade their petitions of ownership, or at the very least prepare their current filings in preparation of the technological releases involved within our global operations. This will also lay the foundation for Millions of Businesses World-Wide to acquire a ready made template of processes and procedures to patent their operation as their own business model, thereby producing additional revenues through their own e-commerce solution or revenue sharing platforms as instructional e-books or as a form of augmented/virtual reality technologies that pertain to their unique points of view in business.

"What are the various points of financial gain in brokering a deal of this nature through traditional banking interest?" As stated previously, William E. Fields is proposing to participate in a ground breaking Global R&D Joint Venture. Whereupon, Mr. Fields will raise capital in lieu of starting a world-wide foundation to initiate new innovative global business and banking operations that will in-turn underwrite various R&D Joint Ventures in part or in their entirety as the issue in and of itself relates to business model manufacturing and distribution. The initial steps are to acquire a financial matrix conducive with a multi-billion dollar equity/shares position in Nascent Applied Methods and Endeavors of which a major portion of the proceeds are to be secured by purchasing additional equity/investment positions in pre-existing dot-coms whose customer bases are of a particular interest or more extensive than NAME's initial Global R&D Joint Venture is at the current time. The immediate resell value of the prototypes in question that will be the basis of acquiring our monetary objectives from the point of view of business model/templates distribution are as follows;

A. $20,787
B. $2,009,780
C. $646,219
D. $98,354
F. $1,653,826
G. $141,013I.
H. $4,702,237 ******
I. $135,281L.
J. $77,217
K. $25,938
L. $71,642
M. $1,909,333
N. $1,653,826
O. $77,217
P. $75,884


                                                                                           Total ($13,385,008)



William E. Fields

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