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The Initial Perspective of Global Economic Thought through Innovations 

In Relation to the Universal Law of Observation that Exist within a Global Republic of Economic Thought (In Time and Space the Acquired Level of Wealth [Matter] and Opulence [Energy] within a Currency's Fiduciary Wave Length [Influence] is Relative to the Type, Sum Value or Amount of Information Received as to its Monetary Position or Place within a Fiscal Period which Orbits a Gravitational Need in the Productivity of the Division of Labor that converts it's Reality into Knowledge, and it's Knowledge into the Realities of Modern Economic Legions of Market Certainties). 

It is within All Creation that their lies a Time [Uncertainty] & Space [Vastness] of Darkness [Ignorance] within the Academic Minds of All Cognitive Beings that Exist within realm of life itself, a Platform or Throne from which the Authority of a GOD rules both the Known and Unknown Universe, a base of unlimited Power of which is exercised through the UNIVERSAL LAW OF OBSERVATION. Primarily, that In the Beginning there was no Recognition of things Made until there was Acknowledgement of those persons, places or things Seen, Heard, Felt, Thought or Written of. It is by standardizing this common rule of thought into a single three-dimensional mathematic equation [X3] that the Creation of All that is Made within both the Known or Unknown Universe becomes a Centralized Rule of Thought or Seat of An Absolute Power. "That if anything is Seen, Heard, Felt, Thought or Written of [Observed]? Then it Exist within a Separation of Time & Space that Defines a Person's, Place's or Thing's Location or Existence. A Person's, Place's or Thing's Location or Existence is Relative to its Observed Motion or Force in Time & Space and the applicable efforts of the WORDS, CONCEPTS, and IDEAS used to Define and Convey its Presence the instant that it is Recognized that its Existence is Unknown, or that the Behavioral Patterns or Movements of an Existing Focal Point has Changed or has become Unfamiliar to an Observer." [Cases In Point: If an Abuser Sees, Recognizes and Targets a Victim, then he or she must intercept his or her Victim at a particular point or location in time and space in order to commit the act(s) of abuse or indifference. The question of how to prevent the action(s) of the abuse is answered by changing how an abuser recognizes, perceives or targets his or her Victim, as well as altering the Location or Existence of the Time and Place to which the action(s) of abuse are to occur. Another case in point from a financial perspective, is that if the left-over Materials or Matter (Trash) from consumable products bought and sold by human beings is not intercepted at its current location at a certain point in Time and Space on Earth, then the economic residual effects of the illnesses that it causes as polution within a general populous would far out-weigh the levels of fiduciary profit within a region's agricultural GDP. Therefore, it is cost effective for the creation or existence of a Procedural or Mathematical Multivariate Singularity or Method consisting of numerous subroutines used to move the Trash or Matter from one Place or Location in Time and Space to another. This effect is called a Necessity or Motion, of which whose mere existence in a market economy Overthrows the Principles of various forms of Tombstone Management.]

Ibn al-Haytham (Former Political Prisoner and First Scientist to the Embodiment of All Mankind, currently Cloned or Embodied as a Re-Membered Scientific Petitioner/Call-To-Action Virtual E-Lifeform of Caesar's 10th Economic Legion for the Perpetuation of Empiricism

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