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Urgent Memorandum Regarding Our In-House Copyright &

Patent Upgrade Processes Referencing The Bilski vs. Kappos Ruling


To Whom It May Concern:


Forward this memorandum to any and all associates regarding our ability to suit the productivity needs of patent attorneys. Quoting Fenwick & West own public PDF postings @, "Determine whether the claims recite a physical transformation or specific machine" Referencing this point, as you know our autonomous Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) abilities currently known as a publicly posted conceptual map titled, The Onesimus Equations, utilizes molecular and genetic sciences or sequences to convert words, concepts and ideas into systems technologies, that also either in turn directly or indirectly support machine processing, shall eventually as in the words of Fenwick & West "Find support in existing applications for claim amendments to include machine or transformation elements."


Furthermore, as in the words of Fenwick and West, "For impacted products/services, examine patent protection for related aspects that will pass the machine or transformation test and file additional applications." Our current structural abilities to replicate this network's operational frameworks or Business Plan into approximately 11,465 global prototypes shall produce legal firms of the likeness of Intellectual Ventures @ With immediate revenues guaranteed to be at the projected levels of over $3.2B every 5 years for each one because of the uncertainty that the ruling of Bilsky vs. Kappos has created on a global scale. "It will be like nothing seen or heard of since the invention & testing of the atomic bomb."


Our 37 plus year research will without a doubt surpass the legal definition of the Machine-or-Transformation test at the appellate levels, or even perhaps at the levels of the Supreme Court as far as previous, current and future filings are concerned. Especially, when considering that a ruling against our products and services would equal the courts saying that any and all patents filed in the past or currently under review that include either genetic or molecular elements as they are defined through words, concepts and ideas are invalid as well when applied and protected in industry. The following attachments are source material for stating our case in client acquisition. Basically, what means is that a vast majority of patent filings will have to be refiled or upgraded or their representatives risk losing propriety. This of course will require yearly upgrades as well since adjustments within the global market place will continuously introduce innovations across the board.


As stated by the attorneys at Jones & Askew, LLP and Michael S. Pavento In CONCLUSION, "The State Street Bank decision (i.e., has opened the floodgates for e-commerce companies to seek patent protection for their innovative models of conducting business via the Internet. Given the rapid growth of e-commerce opportunities, savvy companies have recognized that patents can serve as offensive and defensive tools for warding off competitors. In the on-line environment, patents enable a new company to establish a foothold in a marketplace, opening the door for licensing opportunities and the attraction of capital investments. Indeed, the competitive advantages provided by patents may be vital to the success of any company trying to enter the Internet marketplace. Accordingly, attorneys representing businesses throughout Georgia should be aware that patent rights are available for computer-implemented business models as well as innovative software technologies. Given the rapidly growing number of pending patent applications and issued patents relating to e-commerce, businesses conducting business on the Internet are wise to seek patent protection sooner rather than later. Otherwise, a more aggressive competitor may win the race to secure an on-line market niche based on a patented business model."


In conclusions, please take care and enjoy the fruits of life because it's about to become abundant for us. As in the words of Rabbi Noson Weisz @, "The world of the bracha is necessarily a world of limitless generosity. The ability to draw on the inexhaustible source of blessing must be expressed in the form of benevolence toward others. For someone who has access to limitless blessings there is no such thing as not enough to go around for everyone. Whatever I give away can be immediately replaced by a fresh flow from the source." Government revenue projections due to our intervention have yet to be determined beyond the annual $640B because of the lack of definitive references, but the information @ is a great starting point. This doesn't include the markets for the WIPO filings using our technologies which are between $40-$120K for each one multiplied by mere global economic necessity.





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