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To Whom It May Concern,



These are the sequences of events that will get us on the way toward mutual economic benefit:


1.  What is initially required of us is to sign off on the 2 copies each of the Non-Disclosure within the first two pages of the Business Plan, the Partnership Agreement and the contract giving you the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) to approximately 80 websites or as referenced in previous documents -- Small to Medium Size Enterprises/Business Service Model (SMEs/BMs).

After doing this, the next step is for you to send or mail these documents as expressed certified mail with a tracking number along with a certified check for $3M to:




Once we have received the certified check at our location. We will then mail you back a notarized copy of the agreements with the appropriate signatures applied and immediately begin the processes of securing your investment as previously agreed upon in prior messages. As stated before, we will secure approximately $2.5M into a business trust containing various certificates of deposits (CDs) as well as interest baring bonds with guaranteed ROIs. This will leave around $500K to be utilized in getting the ball to start rolling by initially setting up 80 eCommerce websites in order to create immediate resale value or working capital. All the while, I shall further secure your investment by acquiring a $3M insurance policy for either myself and/or the business as well naming you and/or the trust as beneficiary in order to reduce the financial risk factor to about .0001%. Remember that the initial use of funds is stipulated as outlined below;


2.  Secondly, these websites or SMEs represent around $30K each in immediate market value according to an independent website auditor @ and . This equates into an immediate total resale value of around $2.4M. This is the primary method that shall be used secure over 2/3 of your initial investment of $3M. These SMEs include modifiable or generic services agreements within the document listed as NAME's R&D Joint-Venture Services Contracts (i.e.,;



3.  Third, the Business Plan is the organizational blueprint for each SME of which whose individual eCommerce operation or service deliverables are outlined and supported as;



Finally, from time to time it may become required of us to combine the effort of one or several SMEs into a single R&D objective. Therefore, the document titled NAME's R&D Joint Venture Operating Agreement @ is the initial framework from which to engage in such an operational framework. Also, since it is now possible to patent business models we will have the additional option of charging royalties for whatever business process innovations that they develop either as an individual or collective service model of end-user products and services.


4.  As far as our technology base is concerned as outlined @ Not only is it a tool for creating 22nd century business models it also can be used as an instrument to combine and utilize genetics, organic and inorganic chemistry, phylogenetic trees, Roget's thesaurus and search engine technologies within an augmented virtual laboratory environment in order to give various diseases a human vocabulary that will assist medical research and development efforts in finding cutting-edge treatment strategies or tactics within the realm of pharmacogenomics (i.e., This process once implemented within the research and development field of Pharmacogenomics shall revolutionize the entire pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Simply put, the rationale behind this approach is to have our technology bases convert the words, concepts and ideas used to describe business related environments as an application of strategic or tactical thought processes used in problem solving measures of effectiveness toward those methods utilized to analyze and treat various diseases. The overall concept is explained @,  and


5.  In conclusion, over the course of the last 40 plus years the development of this blueprint for conservative approaches toward global socioeconomic systems development owes it creation solely to the author by the name of Dean Gengle. Whose 1984 publication of the book titled, The Netweaver's Sourcebook : A Guide to Micro Networking and Communications @, was and still is the bible of the Internet that predicted the existence and wealth of Microsoft, Oracle, Google, etc. long before Bill Gates and others knew of it themselves. As Dean Gengle stated within his book "We are in the mist of the creation of new wealth on a scale unparalleled--and previously unimaginable--in human history." (e.g.,



W. E. Fields


William E. Fields

The A-Square Technology Group (A2 TechGrp.)

Nascent Applied Methods and Endeavors (NAME)

2355 Westwood Blvd. #555 Los Angeles, Ca. 90064

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  1.   The Transmittal Letter

  2.   The Legal Status of NAME’s Business Operations

  3.   The Operational Prerequisites of NAME

  4.   The Legal Status of Proprietary Documents used in Systems Development

  5.   The Evolution of Distributed Autonomous Systems

  6.   The Proposer’s Secured Access Application

  7.   The Security Agreement

  8.   The Non-Competition Agreement

  9.   The Release Agreement

  10.   The Idea Agreement Form-I

  11.   The Idea Agreement Form-II

  12.   The Receivable Letterhead

  13.   The Draft Request For Proposal

  14.   The Online Meeting Arrangement & Agenda

  15.   The Contract Assessment System

  16.   The Draft Seller Assisted Marketing Contract Part - A (Subcontractors)

  17.   The Draft Seller Assisted Marketing Contract Part - B (Subcontractors)   

  18.   The Draft Contract Document (Partnerships)

  19.   The Draft Contract Document (Employees) 

  20.   The Draft Services Contract (Client Systems)











































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