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How New Economic Powers are Developed on Planet Earth

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The Conservative Fiduciary Approaches Toward a Fluid Liberal Economic Environment that Produces $640 Billion Annually Through Innovative Business Modeling Technologies on Behalf of Government Joint Ventures (Marketing Warfare Principles as Caesar’s World): As Joint Ventures or Commercial Relationships can trace back their genesis to the earliest times in human history. A current plan global in scope and on a scale mentioned in part elsewhere within this website was largely unheard of in previous times involving the human experience, and Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture innovative call for an abstract biological, institutional, and strategic or tactical change in the economic perceptions of global markets through business modeling internet technologies will be fundamental, just as it still would have been unprecedented in better economic times. Long and short-term changes in local markets that are now prone to a long-ignored invisible embodiment of global fiduciary influences or forces have since been reiterated, refined, and reinforced by an ever increasingly complex private, state or federal economic existence whose monetary behavior or senses of uncertainties within fiduciary exchanges are global in scope, since they are now as influential to global markets amongst themselves as a neighbor's barking dog is to the human behavior of an entire local community. Today, new global enterprises will be driven by a unilateral plan that will define conservative objectives from a hemispheric and even universal perspective; that science-based fiduciary planning through genetically engineering global economies will through explicitly stated, testable assumptions, link on-the-ground socio-economic management styles to large-scale market(s) goal sets; and that collective management efforts are to be so focused as to elicit simultaneous market(s) responses at both regional and global scales. Today, Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture is being looked to not simply as a forum for leveraging monetary resources but as a vehicle for delivering ever increasingly complex and comprehensive approaches to the responses of the global business environment as a whole.

The Business Model Concept and Its Applicability to R&D Joint Ventures (Marketing Warfare Principles as Caesar’s Childhood): Within the field of global e-commerce, the development of strategic & tactical business modeling is intended to speak to needs that go beyond those addressed by the more traditional “business plan”, “strategic plan”, or “annual operations plan.” Business modeling technologies are emerging as the vehicle for defining the underlying, otherwise unstated, assumptions and core beliefs that when articulated explain to audiences of a global community why high-tech intermediary businesses exists; the value-added services and products through market generation that their monetary forces seeks to provide; how the existence of their economic behavioral patterns autonomously seek to position itself within a universal marketplace; and the operational principles and framework upon which its human and capital resources are arrayed, allocated and paid. NAME-R&DJV is of the view that fundamental changes are likewise underway in the “business environment” of fiduciary resource production management and especially so in the field of government revenue generation. More specifically, we believe:

· That the global economic paradigm as a whole is continuously shifting like vast oceans, but that it's economic perspective as an inherent behavioral quantum singularity within the unknown is predicable and manageable – from the opportunistic pursuit of the implementation of site-specific innovative technology bases whose benefits toward scientific-based pursuits is a predicted landscape of monetary sustainability;

· That the global economic paradigm will increasingly require the integration of genetic science and information management technologies into the full spectrum of fiduciary thought through business modeling technologies – planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and research; and

· That the successful integration of this new global economic front requires a partnership between the individual, governments and representative economic forces that can support the continual coordination of it's planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and research that are simply expressed in successful terms.

It is within the ever changing aspects or environment of global economic technology bases that Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture turn to the concept of building business model technologies in an effort to articulate and refine the core beliefs and assumptions that have and will underpinned our collective success to date and that can guide our diverse but like-minded global network in refining and maintaining a partnership infrastructure that will continue to serve the implementation of our plans within the regions of global economic thought. We are ever inviting comments and insights aimed at applying and refining our core business-model concept to the vision of an integrated global perspective of monetary practices that continuously generate communal or government revenues.

The Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Mission Statement is a forum in which the private and public community implements a shared vision of the economic expansion of over 11,500 new technology markets (Marketing Warfare Principles as Caesar First Dictator): Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture will function not simply as a forum for socioeconomic discussion but as a vehicle for the coordinated planning, implementation, and evaluation of it's systems technologies in order to influence global markets through strategic and tactical monetary innovations. While the vision of an integrated perspective of a global economy is subservient to the mission and authorities of individual organizations, Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture will act in the context of a collective mission, where each entity within it's network bears a responsibility for the implementation of conservative fiduciary plans that can be achieved only to the extent that an overall inclusive mission statement is shared amongst all parties concerned.

Operational Scope (The Marketing Warfare Principles as Young Caesar): The operational scope of the Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture is defined by the perpetual needs of a conservative initiatives goal, “to deliver the full spectrum of systems innovations through globally based, behaviorally driven, landscape-oriented strategic and tactical partnerships”; and from a series of preemptive fiduciary principles.” In both scope and vision, these documented policies presume that the Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture network will seek to integrate the full range of activities that encompass the belief of a conservative enterprise including, the business modeling of over 45 million business entities from a single autonomous platform, their macroeconomic planning and microeconomic implementation, their simultaneous influences upon a regional or global populous and their behavioral monitoring, and evaluation or research.

Biological/Taxonomic Scope (Marketing Warfare Principles as Candidate): Within the boundaries of a Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture’s conservative efforts and energies to personalize internet content the NAME-R&DJV will be directed by the protection, restoration, and management of those successful monetary principles and their economic habitats encompassed by the idealisms of global free markets; the WIPO; and the ethical approaches toward the ideals of privatization. These regional/global plans are together recognized as encompassing a universal law of observation in a global perspective of economic thought through strategic and tactical business modeling innovations.

Geographic Scope (Marketing Warfare Principles as a Conspiracy): Within the administrative boundary of the NAME-R&DJV and its relationship to the conservative regions of global economic thought during difficult fiscal periods is the very nature behind its 25 year R&D profile of managing market uncertainties through genetically engineering global fiduciary free-market economies. Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture planning, implementation, and evaluation will focus on the four areas of strategic and tactical management lying within the hidden monetary forces of the known economies. However, the joint venture in itself is designed to recognize the need to coordinate its objectives and strategies throughout the known realm of human expectations.

The goal of “globally based, genetically driven, market-oriented” high-tech innovative business modeling requires the Joint Venture to be able to function across state and international boundaries and transcend the jurisdictional reach and capability of any individual market economy. Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture will seek to provide through its collective actions value-added services in the following areas:

· Support national/international fiduciary initiatives by stepping down the broad goals and objectives of national and international plans to individual-scale market(s) targets, fiduciary objectives, and innovative strategies and to provide feedback for the development of those plans.

· Support iterative science-based planning and market-level prioritization that focuses economic programs on the most environmentally sensitive portions of the monetary landscape.

· Development of a partnership infrastructure that enables the full spectrum of the enterprise.

· Coordinated and leveraged delivery of private, state and federal programs targeted at priority fiduciary programs.

The operational emphasis of Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture to provide the functions and services listed above is through supporting basic principals of sound foundations, scientific transformation design, and the effective delivery of its services. The manner in which this is achieved requires Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture to provide support in several categories such as coordination, planning, implementation, monitoring and research, and communications or outreach services. It is further recognized that the emphasis and degree of support provided by Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture with local, state and federal governments will need to be flexible and integrated to assist this network's affiliates in achieving their goals and those of the Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture.

Genetic Foundation (Marketing Warfare Principles as a Scandal): Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture has established a universal perspective and scientific rationale for the wide array of management actions deployed across global economies. The focus is two fold: 1) strategic and tactical business modeling innovations that links on-the-ground monetary objectives to predicted market(s) responses, on the basis of explicitly stated, testable assumptions; and 2) the development of monitoring programs and feedback mechanisms that link management and science in an adaptive learning process. The vastness of our global perspectives will typically rely upon technical teams such as, Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture (NAME-R&DJV) and the A-Square Technology Group real-time or virtual work sites, as well as numerous tech committees. These committees will consist of interagency personnel with specialized knowledge of market(s)/monetary/high-tech interrelationships and experiences in applying scientific methods to resource planning and analysis as a means of using accumulated investments in the aerospace industries as measures against inflationary causes. NAME-R&DJV working within the foundation of varied economic approaches toward a global fiduciary sphere will develop and progressively refine objectives that support market(s) targets derived from regional, national and international plans or planners.

Conservative Design (Marketing Warfare Principles as Consul): Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture will work to improve its collective capability to:

· Assess socioeconomic change at the macro and microeconomic scales (focusing on those parameters deemed most pertinent to sustaining diverse market(s)s).

· Identify the most environmentally sensitive portions of the monetary landscape prone to the observations of a Unitarian perspective of a global economy.

· Provide real-time policy level support for a conservative delivery of innovative products and services.

Conservative Delivery Mechanism (Marketing Warfare Principles as Gaul): The NAME-R&DJV business model as a whole focuses on effecting on-the-ground change during times of uncertainty. This involves the coordinated and leveraged application of programs controlled by Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavor’s partners. The NAME-R&DJV model does not call for the Joint Venture to operate as a funding program, accumulating and dispensing project funds that might otherwise be spent through the programmatic structure of individual members. Instead, the NAME-R&DJV model reflects a core belief that the monetary programs of its individual partners at all levels of the human endeavor should be guided by the scientific bases of free-market forces, but from a universal perspective of successful points-of-view in human history. Socioeconomic conservative planning that is the key element of Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavor’s value-added functions and services. In this context, the NAME-R&DJV will function as a purveyor of science-based goals and objectives and decision support tools that can target a broader range of actions to the most environmentally sensitive portions of the global economic landscape. This model of a conservative monetary delivery mechanism will require that Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture’s partners generating government revenues place heavy emphasis on the following actions:

· Ensure that the products of strategic and tactical business modeling design, (e.g., market(s)-based monetary objectives), are translated into the program-specific goals, objectives, and priorities of various diverse economies, whose annual operating plans of interagency privatization programs fall in alignment with the idealisms of predictable global free markets, etc.

· Pursue opportunities for leveraging individual resources through site-specific project relationships.

· Establish informative product and service delivery programs lying outside the direct operational purview of a global community with science-based priorities.

· Establish NAME-R&DJV objectives throughout the joint venture area. Apportionment by category will be adjusted annually as the board members deem appropriate.

Coordination (Marketing Warfare Principles as Migrants and Mercenaries; The first campaigns, 58 BC): NAME-R&DJV staff will work with other federal and state agencies, tribal groups, private organizations, corporations, and landowners to build and sustain the joint venture partnership. Major activities under this element include staffing a joint venture office and providing administrative support to the joint venture management board. NAME-R&DJV coordination policies also includes a significant amount of staff time devoted to joint-partnership development and support through personal visits and phone calls, meeting attendance, general information sharing, and coordination of funding opportunities. The NAME-R&DJV also provides staff and/or funding support to state and local steering committees that have been organized to develop and implement conservative projects that contribute to the joint venture goals.

Planning (Marketing Warfare Principles as ‘The Bravest of the Gaulish Peoples’: The Belgae, 57 BC): Business model planning allows joint ventures to develop scientific strategies for monetary and market(s) management. This is accomplished through the development and integration of explicit goals, at regional and local scales that address the needs and priorities identified in national or international investment or fiduciary plans. This process will help our strategic managers provide the right fiscal resources, in the right places and right amounts, for the targeted economic perspective. In addition to business model planning, NAME-R&DJV possess the abilities to engage in operational or business planning to build and maintain organizational health and productivity. These plans guide the overall direction of the joint venture; provide a logical framework that connects all the functional elements; articulate responsibilities of NAME-R&DJV staff, management board members, and partners; and establish measures of achievement. Products of this type of planning include mission statements, charters and bylaws, organizational charts and staffing plans, funding strategies and budgets.

Project Development and Implementation (Marketing Warfare Principles as Politics and War: The Conference of Luca): On-the-ground delivery of monetary programs and projects is the principal activity of most joint venture partners. Many joint venture projects involve multiple partners who share the cost of a proposed action, but single agencies, organizations, and individuals also achieve significant results by redirecting their existing efforts in ways that contribute to NAME-R&DJV goals and objectives. The role of the joint venture is to focus both new and existing programs on the integrated objectives derived from business model planning as well as of the single purpose or broadly-defined goals of various available funding sources. A product of NAME-R&DJV partnerships is the replacement of opportunistic pursuits of conflicting monetary gains by design. NAME-R&DJV staff members will assists managers and partner agencies to develop program guidance and project proposals that help achieve joint venture objectives. NAME-R&DJV funds are sometimes used to support project delivery staff, when those staff members are necessary to orient other funding sources toward the joint venture objectives and are cost-shared with partners. A basic premise of the joint ventures is that other federal programs and non-federal partners fund on-the-ground joint venture projects. However, the NAME-R&DJV may provide seed money to encourage partners to participate in new, innovative, or high priority projects that meet certain objectives. NAME-R&DJV funds used are targeted on areas where they will have the greatest benefit, thereby encouraging partners to focus on these joint venture priorities as well.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Applied Research (Marketing Warfare Principles as ‘Over the Waters’: The British and German Expeditions, 55–54 BC): NAME-R&DJV activities related to monitoring, evaluation, and research are focused on the planning assumptions and business models used to develop government joint venture objectives. NAME-R&DJV employ an adaptive management approach to improve its effectiveness by monitoring and evaluating its actions to increase the understanding of market(s)/socioeconomic relationships and the effects of monetary management techniques. Monitoring involves measuring or tracking changes over time in the market(s)s of targeted fiduciary concepts and the ideological features important to them. NAME-R&DJV evaluation techniques compares those changes with the predicted results of project implementation, which in turn leads to the refinement of economic objectives and delivery techniques. Applied research is used to scientifically test planning assumptions or management uncertainties in cases where evaluation of management practices alone is not timely or conclusive. Administrative funds are also used to support data acquisition, macro and microeconomic surveys, and research projects necessary to conduct accurate and useful assessments of the NAME-R&DJV’s performance. NAME-R&DJV's staff will also devote time to tracking various joint venture and partner activities as required for measuring programmatic performance or preparing timely accomplishment reports.

Communications and Outreach (Marketing Warfare Principles as Rebellion, Disaster and Vengeance): Internal and external communications help NAME-R&DJV partners promote their activities at the local, regional, and national levels. Internally, the joint venture staff will work to develop a common understanding of both the concepts and details of the fiduciary design, within the agencies and organizations of the partnership. This is often accomplished through meetings and workshops, newsletters, and accomplishment reports. Externally, the joint ventures must build and maintain connections with other public and private entities, and the public at large to achieve support goals and the actions of NAME-R&DJV partners. These links are also vitally important for the joint ventures to gain public input and as necessary, address emerging issues related to the monetary activities of the joint venture itself. Examples of outreach products include public exhibits, congressional field days, youth education activities, brochures, academic forums, festivals, and periodic accomplishment reports.

The Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture’s partnership infrastructure consists of a Management Board, Joint Venture Support Office, and Monetary Steering Committees.

Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Management Board (Marketing Warfare Principles as the Man and the Hour: Vercingetorix and the Great Revolt, 52 BC): The NAME R&D Joint Ventures shall become, upon initiation, overseen and directed by a private, provincial, state, and federal Management Board. Membership is open to any agency or organization that, by virtue of mission or legislative authority commits to sharing in the responsibility for implementing national and international monetary plans within the NAME-R&DJV technical regions. Member organizations are expected to commit energy and resources to developing a shared vision of the NAME-R&DJV, and coordinating their otherwise independent actions in the cooperative pursuit and refinement of that fiduciary vision. Management Board representatives are expected to represent their agency or organization at an administrative and policy level on matters pertaining to allocating human and financial resources to the protection, restoration, and management actions required for sustained global free-market expansionism through innovations, and long-term conservative approaches toward strategic and tactical business modeling. Member agencies and organizations and their current representatives are expected to recognize that the commitment of Member agencies/organizations is voluntary and subservient to the overall organizational mission, authorities, and budgetary capabilities, within those areas where members are expected to participate regularly and fully in advancing the goals and objectives of the NAME-R&DJV. Board members will be expected to attend two Management Board meetings a year; participate in conference calls or ad hoc working groups; and fulfill other such responsibilities in the course of a year as may be deemed appropriate by global market forces as a whole. The Management Board is open on an adjunct basis to agencies, organizations, or individuals whose mission may not lend itself to sharing fully in the broad spectrum of actions inherent in implementing national and international fiduciary plans but yet have an abiding interest in a joint commitment of energy and resources on specific areas of mutual concern, such as education, real estate, sustainable monetary growth, or community-base economic restoration. Within the management board, three members will be selected to the executive committee on an annual rotational basis. The committee will be made up of various academic co-chairs and representative monetary issues from both governmental agencies and private sector organizations. The executive committee will provide guidance as to the joint venture coordination on non-policy issues that need attention between board meetings.

Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Support Office (Marketing Warfare Principles as ‘All Gaul Conquered’): In furthering the purpose and mission of the Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture, the Management Board will be supported by a full time coordinator, whose work will be guided by the joint venture management board. The Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Support Office will operate in the service of the Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Management Board, in pursuing all facets of joint venture implementation associated with the partnership functions and services enumerated above. With sufficient funding and at the discretion of the management board the support office may include an assistant coordinator, science coordinators, a geographic information system specialist, and an office administrator.

Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Local/State/Federal/Global/Universal Steering Committees (Marketing Warfare Principles as the Road to the Rubicon): These committees, made up of private, state, federal and global joint venture partners within a universal perspective of economic thought, identify and prioritize fiduciary protection (securement), enhancement, and restoration needs or opportunities within their designated areas, and develop recommendations for NAME-R&DJV’s Strategic and Tactical Economic Plans. A major component of the committees’ work is to develop integrated approaches toward economic expansionism through innovation and to raise support for pertinent monetary initiatives and area projects. The state steering committees are the principal mechanism for coordination among joint venture partners at the state level. Smaller ad hoc groups may be convened to coordinate the implementation or planning efforts at smaller or larger geographic scales. The local, state, federal or global fiduciary steering committees may include representatives of private organizations, government resource agencies, landowner associations, etc. The steering committees meet, as determined necessary by their respective committee chairs.

Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Coordinators (Marketing Warfare Principles as Blitzkrieg: Italy and Spain, Winter–Autumn, 49 BC): State and Provincial coordinators are responsible for conducting steering committee meetings, developing and updating joint venture plans, identifying and recruiting new partners, working with partners to promote partnerships at the project level, identifying funding opportunities and assisting in the development of proposals. These coordinators may also play a role in helping to develop broader programmatic and funding support for the joint venture’s activities and representing the partners’ collective interests in various policy forums. Their outreach responsibilities include the dissemination of information on partnerships, funding opportunities and partner habitat accomplishments, through periodic newsletters and/or steering committee meeting minutes.

Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors R&D Joint Venture Science Coordinator(s) (Marketing Warfare Principles as Macedonia, November 49–August 48 BC): Science coordinators will develop and progressively refine the aforementioned “products” of a sound economic foundation. They will work closely with working groups and technical committees to develop objectives and strategies for all applicable monetary programs. They will also be the joint venture’s representatives on the NAME-R&DJV Science Support Team, which is a technical advisory group to the Plan committee. They will develop the research needs in support of meeting joint venture objectives and provide the technical overview of partner proposals, and assist in the prioritization of the expenditure of discretionary funds. The area of the NAME R&D Joint Ventures differs from most joint venture areas in that most of its use is concentrated in the innovative approaches toward business modeling technologies within major socioeconomic plans. These high priority applications of autonomous global economic thought have been well documented by a myriad of monetary planning processes. Where some joint ventures have undertaken the responsibility of initial landscape-based fiduciary planning for their geographic economies, the Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavor’s science coordinator’s task is to merge existing and developing plans to a strategic plan that reflects the goals and objectives of the joint venture partners as a whole. While the high priority economies are well documented, the best management strategies for these areas are not as well articulated. Cooperative management studies will be initiated to refine monetary management techniques and examine critical high-tech management issues, such as the integration of physics, genetics and socioeconomics management trade-offs.

The NAME-R&DJV network seeks to structurally support both local, state and federal governments that provide adequate and stable resources for public purposes through the NAME-R&DJV, that will in turn allocate those resources to the highest priorities and to evidence-based solutions, and what will manage public programs to improve efficiency, results and accountability. By restoring focus, performance and accountability, the NAME-R&DJV network expects to improve public confidence in local, state and federal governments and its leaders, as well as improving the economic vitality and quality of life on behalf of the general global populous. To achieve this vision, structural upgrades or reforms might be needed in the following domains:

1. Improved revenue system. (Marketing Warfare Principles as Cleopatra, Egypt and the East, Autumn 48–Summer 47 BC) Taxes and fees need to evolve to equitably provide reliable and stable revenue, grow with the economy, and be free of a majority of distorting affects on business or public decisions. 2. Improved budget system. (Marketing Warfare Principles as Africa, September 47–June 46 BC) The process for allocating resources needs to be disciplined to focus on clear priorities, to rely on evidence to fund programs that will achieve results, to create a reserve, to deal responsibly with revenue windfalls and shortfalls, and to encourage or support prudent long-term investments. 3. Improved Federal, State-Local fiscal relationship. (Marketing Warfare Principles as Dictator, 46–44 BC) The roles and responsibilities among federal, state and local agencies need to be clarified to ensure authority and accountability, and certain economic thoughts will only need to link the ability to raise and allocate revenue with the responsibility for achieving results. 4. Improved investment in infrastructure. (Marketing Warfare Principles as The Ides of March) Governments should make strategic investments to improve its economic competitiveness and the quality of life of their market(s). Investments should encourage innovative and efficient ways to meet public needs while relying on direct beneficiaries to pay for those investments. 5. Improved public management. (Marketing Warfare Principles as Epilogue) Public programs need to improve their productivity and results. This will require re-engineering how programs are organized and managed, and a much greater reliance on data for solving problems and measuring outcomes.

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