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Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmore College

Imagine this. A broad-based technology, that through the Human Genome (genetics), provides its users the ability to transform their varied existence into a Search Engine (Intranet), through Virtual Laboratory & Internet Technologies (i.e., VPN/GPN/VRN-LAN/WAN/GAN procedures & technologies). This in turn, converts & facilitates all Internet content into a customized platform that is user specific. Specifically, imagine your own genome or genetic profile being used to encode a personal Encyclopedia or

Library of Medical & Financial information from distributed Internet resources. In the case of health related issues, this technology could possibly lay the foundation for you or your doctor to quickly find a cure or cutting-edge treatment for whatever currently ails you, including viral infections (i.e., COVID-19) or Cancers. For instance, it is quite possible through today’s technologies, to first diagnose the genetic profile of anyone’s viral infection or tumorous cancer cells. Then, through an additional process. Combine the efforts of NAME’s technology-base, with that of blood processing technologies distributed across the globe. The possibility of which, is the development of a tailor-maid pharmacogenomic magic bullet. That is, the development of genetic-based blood pathogens that will only activate within the walls of the viral or cancerous Tumor(s) itself, essentially cutting off its blood supply. In effect, causing the infection or tumor to have a stroke & die, while unaffecting normal healthy cells, veins, arteries or organs. Overall, this possibility will render the infection or tumor(s) inert, when & wherever it may form within the Human Body. Therefore, if there exists financial or medical information technologies out there within the digital realm related to your own unique experiences or genetic profile, that can assists you or your love ones with quality-of-life issues? We have the ISP/ASP/GSP technology-base to facilitate the ends to that means. []

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