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Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmore College

Imagine this. A broad-based technology, that through the Human Genome (genetics), provides its users the ability to transform their varied existence into a Search Engine (Intranet), through Virtual Laboratory & Internet Technologies (i.e., VPN/GPN/VRN-LAN/WAN/GAN procedures & technologies). This in turn, converts & facilitates all Internet content into a customized platform that is user specific. Specifically, imagine your own genome or genetic profile being used to encode a personal Encyclopedia or Library of Medical & Financial information from distributed Internet resources. In the case of health related issues, this technology could possibly lay the foundation for you or your doctor to quickly find a cure or cutting-edge treatment for whatever currently ails you, including viral infections (i.e., COVID-19) or Cancers. For instance, it is quite possible through today’s technologies, to first diagnose the genetic profile of anyone’s viral infection or tumorous cancer cells. Then, through an additional process. Combine the efforts of NAME’s technology-base, with that of blood processing technologies distributed across the globe. The possibility of which, is the development of a tailor-maid pharmacogenomic magic bullet. That is, the development of genetic-based blood pathogens that will only activate within the walls of the viral or cancerous Tumor(s) itself, essentially cutting off its blood supply. In effect, causing the infection or tumor to have a stroke & die, while unaffecting normal healthy cells, veins, arteries or organs. Overall, this possibility will render the infection or tumor(s) inert, when & wherever it may form within the Human Body. Therefore, if there exists financial or medical information technologies out there within the digital realm related to your own unique experiences or genetic profile, that can assists you or your love ones with quality-of-life issues? We have the ISP/ASP/GSP technology-base to facilitate the ends to that means.

The True Source of COVID-19

The Effects of COVID-19

To Whom It May Concern:


In response to a business plan to start operations in general support of those new efforts toward Innovative Environmentalism or E-Issues submitted, we have drafted this memorandum in the hopes of clarifying our proposal toward a mutual joint venture that benefits our monetary goals and objectives as they both relate to underwriting our network operation on a global scale through banking principles under U.S. rules. First of all, based upon our expertise as a researchers, let it be stated that we can only hope to use certain documents or web pages contained within our works that can best convey our mutual expectations as they relate to operational planning and design. Based upon this fact please allow us to begin with a definitive positioning of our cornerstone institution or think tank as it is involved with the distribution of approximately 11,500 interfaced business models or SMEs currently referred to individually as templates,, etc.


Our initial references are towards that of the Procreative Business Modeling technique previously mentioned and within the NAME's R&D Joint-Venture Operating Agreement. These areas of our definitive applications explain the global approaches or marketing umbrella for eCommerce that will deliver business models of which facilitates an educational environment conducive with millions of clients, henceforward referred to as SME Evolving Novel Organizational Forms @ The initial numerical relationship or outline of the Procreative Business Modeling document is that of seven (7) major sections as they turn relate and conform to the procedural or literary outline of NASA’s System Engineering Handbook. We have found that in an attempt to introduce new technologies or innovations to a pre-existing marketplace, all the while maintaining confidentiality and propriety that is either fundamentally or financially strained, that it is best advised not to reinvent the wheel as of lately. But to use what others are most familiar with as far as terminology is concerned. Therefore, this is the basic premise of all the documents used within this network to manufacture its consultative and high-tech software or infrastructural job producing deliverables.


Overall this is how it works. In order to manage the operation in it's entirety, while simultaneously educating key personnel or clients as to the current procedural functionalities of the latest technological advancements. We have numbered the structural outline of key documents according cultural traditions and/or the numerical index of the information referenced itself as it in turns relates to the composite makeup of the files titled, THE BUILD PLAN or OBJECTIVES and pages 18 -23 within our detailed Operational Framework. In other words, these documents contains some of the definitive examples of our approaches toward infrastructural development. Also, hidden within the structure of this network are the means by which we shall adapt and utilize a host of literary works as a way of acquiring marketing strategies, while simultaneously implementing those monetary tactics related to our overall financial objectives. The operational objectives used to manage the internal functions of our network as it relates to the issues of monetary gain is best referenced within our Business Plan. This business plan defines our internal operation parameters as well as the structural blueprint for Contractual Deliverables support services SMEs in general, or as specific high-tech SME infrastructures as referenced at


For the record, may we suggest that any references or use of the words Small or Medium Size Enterprises (SME) be reflective of those materials listed at;


1.  Micro-, Small- and Medium- Enterprises (MSMEs)

2.  Supporting Enterprise Development and SME in Europe

3.  SME eBusiness Readiness In Five Eastern European Countries


4.  Leveraging Entrepreneurial Orientation To Enhance SME Export Performance


5.  SME Adjustments to Information Technology In Trade Facilitation: The South Korean Experience  


6.  A More Complete Conceptual Framework for SME Finance

7.  Performance Modeling For Interoperability SMEs

8.  SME Marketing Programs

Subsequently, at this point there currently resides the need to further discuss our network’s financial configuration as it refers to SME projects and banking. For the sake of argument and to avoid having our new innovative approaches toward high-tech global networks defined by others or other institutions. We have decided to use what is called in the state of California a Seller Assisted Marketing Plan, of which, an example shall be forwarded as the document or word file titled, NAME's Joint-Venture Services Contracts. This law provides us with the ability apply traditional laws toward global innovative institutions like ourselves at this point in our development. Seller Assisted Marketing Plan contracts are best defined @ Since we have begun releasing or distributing our business models for about $42,520 each through numerous outlets, which is around the maximum fee under California Law. Our next step then involves selecting our market and acquiring a general socioeconomic perspective based upon a twofold set of monetary ranges. For example, (1.) the end-user clients @, and (2.) as a series of financial spreadsheets that are reflective of those fiduciary predictions within our Financial Data Sheets, etc.


It is at this point that selected Proposers shall enter into the picture in general. If our proposal/business plan is read correctly numerous monetary positions will be available for those who wish to become financial facilitators for all of our global interests that are representative of a vast number of U.S. patent titles and positions. In other words, underwrite our needs as economic facilitator of all 11,465 business models at our immediate deposal to the tune of approximately $487,491,800. Of which is currently reflective of an initial issue or sale of 75,000 corporate shares at a value of about $6,500 for each share. In order to minimize risk, all that need be done is to have perspective SME owners of our services sign a debtors contract reflective of the term Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC) @ or Secured Investment Contract (SIC) @ Our intent in referencing this idea is to minimize risk by having potential SME owners of our business models become indebted or receive ghost loans of approximately $42,520. All the while not actually receiving the monies involved in the initial transactions themselves by the keeping the monies placed within their originating banking institution(s). We will elaborate upon this technique at a later date. All initial startup expenses could be managed by engaging their setup processes through a distant learning environment and the localized outsourcing of traditional business methodologies such as legal representation for additional fees. In closing, we would like to simply state, “That we will basically give you free reign in going ahead and setting up your financial operations with the full expectation of our unlimited technical support in producing those high-tech goods and services as stated within the webpage at Our commitment to you and your operation will be unwavering in regards to meeting our mutual expectations of monetary gain in the immediate future as long as an atmosphere of trust reigns superior.”  






William E. Fields, General Contractor of Network Operations & Director (GCNO)

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The A-Square Technology Group & Nascent Applied Methods & Endeavors, under a contract of mutual monetary consideration, seeks to revitalize global economies by attracting new innovative developments to meet the current and future needs of worldwide high-tech communities. 


It is the organization’s objective to identify development opportunities, encourage the development of unused or misused office space or real estate, reinforce commercial activity, and expand the variety of goods and services offered to the high-tech market area or increase market certainty within fiduciary focal points. A more complete scope of services is outlined within our web pages at  


The organization, with the assistance of various business operations worldwide, will use the information gained from the socioeconomic development strategies and fiduciary tactics involved to build and implement a systemic commercial economic program in the targeted areas of our technology bases and platforms to engage in a universal war on poverty as a form urban renewal and market expansionism.

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Additional impetus has come from the growth of the Internet, which has raised anew, and in a transparent way, fundamental questions about how businesses deliver value to the customer, and how they can capture value from delivering new information services that users often expect to receive without charge.


It has allowed individuals and businesses easy access to vast amounts of data and information, and customer power has increased as comparison shopping has been made easier. In some industries, such as the recording industry, Internet enabled digital downloads compete with established channels (such as physical product sales) and, partly because of the ubiquity of illegal digital downloading, the music recording industry is being challenged to completely re-think its business models.


The Internet is not just a source of easy access to digital data; it is also a new channel of distribution and for piracy which clearly makes capturing value from Internet transactions and flows difficult for recording companies, performers and songwriters alike. More generally, the Internet is causing many ‘bricks and mortar’ companies to rethink their distribution strategies if not their whole business models.

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Initially directing NAME efforts within the global marketplace is William E. Fields.  Due to his diligence over the previous years, Mr. Fields have successfully produced within the Company a unique set of technological strategies & tactics that will develop or enhance the emerging electronic markets.  Mr. Fields will oversee the day-to-day operation of the Company, including accounting, marketing, sales, human resources, and technical staff.  Mr. Fields will draw from the resulting extensive body of knowledge and technologies necessary to ensure the Company’s success and long-term competitiveness.

Developments in the global economy have changed the traditional balance between customer and supplier. New communications and computing technology, and the establishment of reasonably open global trading regimes, mean that customers have more choices, variegated customer needs can find expression, and supply alternatives are more transparent.


Businesses therefore need to be more customer-centric, especially since technology has evolved to allow the lower cost provision of information and customer solutions. These developments in turn require businesses to re - valuate the value propositions they present to customers in many sectors, the supply side driven logic of the industrial era has become no longer viable.

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