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The Universal Market Forces Within A Pre-Existing Global Republic Of Financial Idealism & Marketing Warfare Stratagems

Abstract Tutorial for Transforming Human Beings (GJC) into Corporate Search 

Engines and Procreative Business Models Valued at over $3.2 Billion Each


Initially, double-click on X3 within the Word document of the same title. This will take you to another word file titled DaVinci’s Code. Within the DaVinci’s Code document are a series of links that will begin the processes of a Conceptual Map for Solution Providers that will first take you to the Cancer Document. The Cancer document is a Word file that describes the medical or biological analogies involved in implementing NAME’s technology bases. This analogy in particular describes a categorical listing of the efforts central to personalizing internet content, in order to implement problem-solving measures of effectiveness pursuant to that of a medical emergency. For instance, in cases where there is a diagnosis of life affecting diseases or any other medical ailment, as well as it's corresponding financial concerns, this technology base shall autonomously engage in a vast array of real-time & virtual scenarios whose mission is to provide strategic or tactical solutions garnishing global resources through the internet to assist in improving the relevant issues at hand.


Secondly, the next link within the DaVinci’s Code document is X square. This alphabet symbolizes the mathematical equation defining a phenomenon or the unknown, but in this case it represents a Word document titled the Procedural Guidelines. The Procedural Guidelines document is a graphical example of a customized relationship-based procedural hierarchy that involves implementing the tenets of historical documents or global market-based economies into International Technology Bases. This process, in and of itself, utilizes approximately 11,664 strategic & tactical operations as procedural countermeasures within the boundaries of problem solving measures of effectiveness by initially overlapping its 4-piece structure with that of the 4-part managerial process areas of a PDA worksheet. Then as an Economic Procedural Guideline, with that of CPDA Sections, A1 – A4. While additionally, as an Autonomous Economic Procedural Guideline, becoming reflective of the tactical elements within CPDA Sections, B1 – E4.

Third, this profile also establishes a systems wide feed-back link with a similar document that combines Religious & Government based Free-Markets Economies into a platform for developing & implementing strategic or tactical Militaristic Analogies with that of the guiding logistical principles of SituationBusiness or Social Management through Economic Concepts. Additionally, within the DaVinci’s Code document rest a listing of approximately 20 hierarchical worksheets that are incorporated into the 20-Component outline involved with Pursuing the Planning & Design Approach through approximately 36 Economic Autonomous Adaptive Agent (AAA) technologies, housed within the Planning & Design Worksheet itself.

Furthermore, within the Procedural Guidelines document is the Symbol (  3 ). This number represents approximately 324 distributed websites & interconnections, subdivided into three distinctive categories, from which, the 108 components of Quintilian: Institutio Oratoria are interwoven as instructional subject matter, synonymous with each subcomponent within each of those areas listed below (i.e., 3 x 108 = 324);


A.      The Meaning of Life issues (Strategic & Tactical Studies). [M]

B.      The Tree of Life issues (Educational or Procedural Hierarchies). [T]

C.      The Quality of Life issues (Economic or Political Foundations). [Q]

The core function of these websites is to provide objective information used by the NAME network to upgrade its technology bases 24/7/365, as institutional policies that facilitates the educational needs or living standards of its client base.  

Fifth, the symbol RW represents inputted Real World issues or information that is segregated into the Principle Parts of English Speech (PPES). This process will lay the foundation for approximately 9 distinct formulas representing the PPES to first queue the world-wide-web on behalf of the individual user, and then personalize that content by establishing a synonymous relationship with the type & format of inputted information. All the while generating knowledge through a series of five phase strategic procedural guidelines as outlined within the Planning & Design Worksheet.

Moreover, the symbol EH2 also represents those same nine formulas of the principle parts of english speech system of thought (PPES), as it involves strategic operations or academic ideologies being implemented into the 9 distinct sections of the Planning & Design Approach (PDA) worksheet. Whereas, there primary function in this area is to segment & integrate inputted information from web blogs or the world-wide-web into an Educational Hierarchy. This will achieve a means of communicating varied ideas, across multiple platforms or disciplines, while facilitating disperse reading skills within the boundaries of a single minded effort as outlined within the document titled, the Procedural Configuration & Interpretation. This process also involves the systems files titled the Systems Integration, and Appendix – D of the conceptual mapping of this network’s technical ideologies.

Additionally, the symbol QM2 of the X3 equation, as a representation of Quality Measures or the Standard of Living, utilizes an additional set of PPES formulas as a means of facilitating the generation of abstract knowledge, by establishing a connection with other tactical operations components & subcomponents of the X3 equation itself. This goal is achieved through the processes of overlapping the nine formulas with that of the varied 9 sections of the Consultative Planning & Design Approach (CPDA) worksheet, and that of the nine subcomponents within the Method Structures themselves. In other words, every time all nine principle parts of English speech are employed in the processes of conveying tactical ideas, autonomous Macro & Microeconomic market-based methods are then created as means of simultaneously implementing strategic & tactical operations within multiple environments, across multiple platforms or technology bases from any single point of origin. Through any workstation or telephone keypad system from anywhere on Earth.  

Finally, within the CPDA worksheet are sections A1 – A4. This area is representative of a 4-dimensional Strategic/Tactical Grid or Consul Cube of amino acid sequencing, as formulated through the varying Chemical Ratios inputted as encoded strategic thought, or as overlapping key Atomic Elements from within the principle components of the PDA worksheet itself. This Thermoeconomic Method is intuitive of the 15 categories within the Japanese Kamasutra 96 sexual positions, as an analogous means of using a combination of PDA & CPDA 48 cellular matrixes to gauge the standard of living involving the human condition at the grass roots level. Once combined with a portrait of 15 Roman Emperors overlapping each amino acid or letter within CPDA Sections, AAA-AAT, this reciprocal technique will provide a means from which strategic thought simultaneously reflective of EgyptianGreekRoman & American financial history, and numerous Operational Stratagems, shall become resource material for modern Socioeconomic principles involving Global Market Forces or Economic Expansionism In Five Parts. While the remaining Sections, B1 – E4, facilitates the 80 variations or subcomponents within the files titled Global – 3 & 4, as they involve their tactical elements & approaches toward problem solving measures of effectiveness through a genetic matrix, as well as the 80 subcomponents of Appendix – L that facilitate Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) systems self-awareness in five steps. Foremost, every dimensional element within this section of the CPDA worksheet (AAA-EYY) is interconnected to each website symbolic of the 324 URL addresses listed as X3 (e.g., 80 x 4 + 4 = 324 simultaneous interconnections). Once these Managerial Interconnections are brought to bear, then the Global Financial Projections reflective of the Combined Market Totals, become feasible as a template for 11,664 Kamasutra Business Models to facilitate some 3927 customers each through varied technologies, on behalf of 45 or more million businesses worldwide. 


The PDA Worksheet for the 5 – Phase Operational Biographic Imprinting of Julius Caesar as an Economic Footprint

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